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My Methow Electrical Information Website

Welcome to my version of a Methow Valley electrical energy information web site with a specific focus on the Okanogan County Elecric Coop (OCEC). My goal for this site is not to promote a particular viewpoint, but to make more credible information available to all concerned parties in the hope that it will help produce the most reasonable and unaminous decisions that are best for all. Those of us who are served by the coop have a vested interest in the assurance that the coop is managed and directed to the best possible outcome for the members it serves.

The OCEC Basic Stats - from Mark Crum 12/13/2010

   Total Members:    2707
   Residential      1,271
   Town-Residential   216
   Commercial         290
   Lg Commercial       10
   Irrigation         194
   Seasonal         1,407
   Idle                72
            Total   3,460
   OCEC has about 500 miles of line and 6.8 customers per mile.

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